(middle grade novel, 35k)

Bes is one lucky dog. Now in her final-tier life, she’s acquired memories, can talk to other animals, and finally understands humans. Living in New York City has never been more fun—especially now that she’s been adopted by her favorite human, Cory, a ten year old boy living with his mother and brother in Harlem.

After Cory’s brother teases him about Bes’s lack of ferocity, he challenges Cory to take her hunting—for alley rats! But how’s she supposed to hunt like an early-tier dog now that she’s able to comprehend the suffering she would inflict? Torn by her loyalty to Cory and her reluctance to kill on a bet, she tries to find a way out and stumbles into duat—the mysterious underworld of the city, or as some call it, the heart.

Now, Bes must fight her way out to return to Cory. But first she has to survive the onslaught of dangers that await—rushing rivers, speeding trains, abandoned passages, hostile inhabitants. As she travels deeper underground, she discovers that things are not always as they appear. Faced with new discoveries in this hidden world, Bes is forced to question all that she holds dear to determine her own fate. But will she make it out in time?


———— Other projects, in development ———————-

(upper middle grade novel, 41k)
Two oddball friends growing up in East Harlem, love to tell stories. But what happens to their friendship when they start pushing against the expected gender norms?

(early reader)
Meet Ing!, the verb bug who brings nouns to life. Chaos quickly ensues.

(chapter book)
Essie helps a bird seeking his broken shell, which takes her on a series of magical journeys.


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